About Us

Reef Shac opened in Marietta, GA, just outside of Atlanta, in 2014.  Our goal is to provide quality coral at competitive prices. Corals are sourced from trusted wholesalers, and many are grown in our coral farm.  We are always looking for the most colorful and exciting corals to bring to our customers.  In our physical store, we also stock a wide range of saltwater fish and invertebrates.  If you are looking for anything in particular please reach out to us at reefshac@gmail.com and we will do our best to help.


All livestock listed online are WYSIWYG, unless otherwise noted.  Corals are photographed individually so you know exactly what you will get.  Our photos are taken using a Canon Mark 5D camera with a macro lens under Radion lighting that is heavy on the the blue spectrum.  Photos are only edited for brightness, white balance and cropping.  We never increase the saturation of color on our photographs.  Our goal is for the corals to look even better in your tank!  Since coral coloration is greatly affected by the lighting in each tank, corals may look slightly different in your tank.  We are happy to answer any questions about lighting.


2365 Powder Springs Rd SW
Suite #1119
Marietta, GA 30064

Store Hours:
M-Sat 11am-7pm
Sun 12pm-5pm

(404) 474-8615